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How to Recover Deleted Videos on Android

Android phones and tablets are fairly popular, the operating system is used by almost every smartphone and tablet besides Apple products. With phones and tablets having better cameras, people prefer to use these devices to take photos and videos. You can easily transfer them to others and always have the video with you. However, that also puts them at risk of data loss. You can accidentally delete the video or lose your data in another way. That doesn’t mean you need to panic though. We will tell you to step by step process of recovering deleted videos from an Android device.

Step 1: Debug the device

First, you will need to download a software that allows you to recover deleted data on your Android phone. You can use Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android which will make the process much easier. Run the software and connect your device with a USB to your computer.

The software will then detect the device and prompt you to enable the debugging on the phone. To do this you need to go into Settings then About Phone and then select Build Number, you will need to tap this option until the message “You are under developer mode” appears. Once it does, go back into settings, select Developers options and USB debugging.

Step 2: Search for deleted data on the device

On the software on your PC, the software will be ready for the scan now. You will have the option to click Next once the device has been debugged and identified by the software. You need to click on it and allow it to scan your device.

Step 3: What to scan?

Once you have allowed for the scan to occur, the software will ask exactly what should be scanned. You have the option to scan for audio, contacts, videos, gallery, and so on. Select all the files you want to be scanned and then click Next. You will be directed to a new screen which will give you the option to Scan for deleted files, select it and click Next.

Step 4: Recovery

As soon as the scan is completed it will show you all deleted videos and other files in a preview mode. You can select those that you want to recover and the software will do just that.

How to Download Youtube Videos to Computer?

YouTube has become one of the most video streaming websites online. You can easily watch videos posted on the website. However, the website doesn’t provide you with the option to download the videos to your computer. Which means you can only browse them when you are on the website and have access to the internet. There are still ways you can download the videos to your website using third party options.

There are numerous third-party websites that allow you to download any video you want from YouTube. The below steps will help you with the process.

  1. The first step you need to do is open the video on YouTube. Once the video page has loaded, copy the URL of the video.
  2. On Google, search for a website that allows you to download YouTube video. These websites allow you to paste YouTube URLs and download the video.
  3. Once you have found a website that allows this, paste the URL into the video browse box. There should be a link next to it that says download video.
  4. When you paste the URL to the YouTube it should automatically show you a preview of the video so you can tell it is the right video.
  5. You then have the option of downloading the video in different quality.
  6. Click the download button after selecting the quality and it should download to your “downloads” folder.

Note that not all videos can be downloaded. Private videos will not be downloadable since the downloader doesn’t have access to these videos.

Which Programming Language to Learn as a Beginner

If you are aware of job trends around the world, then you probably know that there has been an increase in demand for software programming jobs. In the past decade, there has been a drastic increase in software jobs, approximately an increase of 31%. It is an industry that is predicted to continue to grow until 2030.

Deciding to go into programming is tough because you have a wide-variety of options in terms of program languages you can learn. However, before you decide on which program you want to learn, it is important you figure out why you want to learn coding? If you are just looking to work on websites then you can learn basic coding such as HTML or something more complicated like PHP or CSS which are in demand today. However, if you want to go into application and software development then you have a tough decision to make.

When selecting the most suitable language for yourself, it is important to take into account the difficulty of the language and the demand for it in the market. So keeping both these in mind, which programming language is great for a beginner? C is probably the best option if you are a beginner looking to learn a programming language.

Why C?

C is a programming language that was developed by Microsoft and mostly runs on Windows. The language allows you to work with games, web development, and other development work within Microsoft. Initially, the language was just for Windows. However, Xamarin has developed Mono which is an open source project that allows for C to be ported to different platforms. So with it, it is easier to use the language for mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

Knowing C will also present you with the option of learning C++ since that is based on C. It is more powerful and is the language that is behind numerous applications and games that we have on our computer and mobiles.

If we look at the demand of programmers that know C or C++ the two tied with JavaScript in terms of jobs posted with rough 20% of programming jobs based on them in 2017. While there is a huge market for javascript developers there is still a lack of C programmers so the demand is high for it while the supply of developers is still low.

Data Mining Jobs for Pros

With the rise in e-commerce and the field of IT, we have seen a huge increase in data that is out there for organizations to just pick up. This has resulted in the creation of data mining, which requires data miners to use their technical skills to mine the data in the online world. While the field is still growing, it is part of computer science and considered to be on the business intelligence side of it. It is a major part of computer science as the data collected by data miners allows them to provide predictions for businesses on demand of products, services, along with the human resource talent. So many big businesses have started to employ data miners because they can help enhance their business.

Types of jobs related to data mining for profs

The most popular position in the field of data mining is that of an analyst. A data mining analyst is sought by a wide variety of industries. Their main job is to analyze data to help the industry to further enhance their business by identifying data sources, predicting patterns in the industry, synthesizing the data set, and presenting the information in an easy to understand manner to the organization that will help with their decision making. Data mining analyst is fairly popular in education, engineering, and government services.

Data engineer is the second most popular position in the data mining field. They work more like the traditional researcher and business analyst. With the collection of data, they can help identify problems for businesses, work out improvement for products and services, and tell organizations what their business requirements are.

The final job that is popular in data mining is that of a big data architect. They don’t really work on the collections and analysis of data but rather focus on the strategic plan and design of data. They design the IT system which basically allows for analysts and engineer to easily collect the data they need for their job.

Future of data mining

Since 2010, data mining has become a relevant field as businesses have realized how it can help transform their businesses and presents them with a chance to rise above their competition. The demand for a data analyst, engineers, and architect has been on a rise ever since as you see industries from IT firms to fashion utilize the help of these individuals to enhance their business.

Selenium Web Scraping Tutorial

Web scraping allows you to extract data from websites. The process is automatic in which the HTML is processed to extract data that can be manipulated and converted to the format of your liking for retrieval and or analysis. The process is commonly used for data mining.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is an automation tool for web browsers. It is primarily used for testing of websites, allowing you to test it before you put it live. It gives you the chance to perform the following tasks on the website:

  • Click buttons
  • Enter information within the website, forms
  • Search for information on the website

It is a tool that has been used for scraping website. But you must note that if you scrape a website too often, you risk the chance of having your IP banned from the website so approach with caution.

How to scrape with Selenium?

In order to scrape websites with Selenium you will need Python, either Python3.x. or Python2.x. Once you have that downloaded you will need the following driver and package:

Selenium package – allows you to interact with website from Python

Chrome Driver – a platform to perform and launch tasks on browser

Virtualenv – helps create an isolated Python environment

  1. In Python, you need to create a new project. You can create a file and name it and within it type in selenium as dependency.
  2. Then open the command line and you will need to create a virtual environment by typing the following command: $ virtualenv webscraping_example
  3. You will now need to run the dependency on virtualenv, you can do this by typing the following command in the terminal: $(webscraping_example) pip install -r
  4. Now going back to the folder in Python, create another file and you can name it, Once done, you need to add the following code snippets:
    1. from selenium import webdriver
    2. from import By
    3. from import WebDriverWait
    4. from import expected_conditions as EC
    5. from selenium.common.exceptions import TimeoutException
  5. You then need to put Chrome in Incognito mode, this is done in the webdriver by adding the incognito argument:
    1. option = webdriver.ChromeOptions()
    2. option.add_argument(“ — incognito”)
  6. You will then create a new instance with this code: browser = webdriver.Chrome(executable_path=’/Library/Application Support/Google/chromedriver’, chrome_options=option)
  7. You can now start making request you pass in the website url you want to scrape.
  8. You may need to create a user account with Github to do this but that is an easy process.
  9. You are now ready to scrape the data from the website.