How to Download Entire Facebook Photo Albums of Friends or Pages

In this tutorial,I will show you how to easily download friends Facebook photos albums or Facebook Pages photos albums even if you are not the owner of the Facebook account or page.

I will also explain how you can download Facebook photos albums if you are the owner of the Facebook account or page.

Lastly,I will show you how to easily download Facebook videos to your computer without using any software or website.

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Extract Data from Multiple Web Pages into Excel using import.io

In this tutorial, I will show you how to¬†extract or scrape data from multiple web pages of a website or blog and save the extracted data into Excel spreadsheet for further processing.There are various methods and tools to do that but I found them complicated and I prefer to use import.io to accomplish the task.Import.io doesn’t require you to have programming skills.The platform is quite powerful,user-friendly with a lot of support online and above all FREE to use.

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10 Best Data Visualization Books(Must Read)

Nowadays, data visualization has been getting more and more popular.If you want to learn more about data visualization and how to create a more effective visualization, there are some books that can help you to do that.

Today, we will go over the top 10 best data visualization books that are very useful in day-to-day applications such as visual storytelling and effective representations of facts in context.

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