Difference between Data Mining and KDD

Data, in its raw form, is just a collection of things, where little information might be derived. Together with the development of information discovery methods(Data Mining and KDD), the value of the info is significantly improved.

Data mining is one among the steps of Knowledge Discovery in Databases(KDD) as can be shown by the image below.KDD is a multi-step process that encourages the conversion of data to useful information. Data mining is the pattern extraction phase of KDD. Data mining can take on several types, the option influenced by the desired outcomes.

Difference between Data Mining and KDD

Knowledge Discovery in Databases Steps

Data Selection

KDD isn’t prepared without human interaction. The choice of subset and the data set requires knowledge of the domain from which the data is to be taken. Removing non-related information elements from the dataset reduces the search space during the data mining phase of KDD. The sample size and structure are established during this point, if the dataset can be assessed employing a testing of the info.


Databases do contain incorrect or missing data. During the pre-processing phase, the information is cleaned. This warrants the removal of “outliers”, if appropriate; choosing approaches for handling missing data fields; accounting for time sequence information, and applicable normalization of data.


Within the transformation phase attempts to reduce the variety of data elements can be assessed while preserving the quality of the info. During this stage, information is organized, changed in one type to some other (i.e. changing nominal to numeric) and new or “derived” attributes are defined.

Data mining

Now the info is subjected to one or several data-mining methods such as regression, group, or clustering. The information mining part of KDD usually requires repeated iterative application of particular data mining methods. Different data-mining techniques or models can be used depending on the expected outcome.


The final step is documentation and interpretation of the outcomes from the previous steps. Steps during this period might consist of returning to a previous step up the KDD approach to help refine the acquired knowledge, or converting the knowledge into a form clear for the user.In this stage the extracted data patterns are visualized for further reviews.


Data mining is a very crucial step of the KDD process.

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