Extract Data from Multiple Web Pages into Excel using import.io

In this tutorial, I will show you how to extract or scrape data from multiple web pages of a website or blog and save the extracted data into Excel spreadsheet for further processing.There are various methods and tools to do that but I found them complicated and I prefer to use import.io to accomplish the task.Import.io doesn’t require you to have programming skills.The platform is quite powerful,user-friendly with a lot of support online and above all FREE to use.

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12 Best Data Journalism Examples:Storytelling with data

One of the most interesting areas to develop recently is data journalism – that is, using data to tell stories. Sometimes, this might be a large, data-driven website like some of the examples below. However, even ‘softer’ approaches like including graphs and infographics are an example of how successfully data can add life and credibility to journalistic pieces.

Below are 12 best examples of data journalism on the web which not only just present the data – they still manage to weave in a story and help the reader to understand the issue and interpret the information.

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Best Free Web Scraping Tools for non-programmers

In this post, I will share with you, four best free web scraping tools for non-programmers who want to create insightful data-driven content without hiring a programmer. I’m frequently using them to fulfil my web scraping tasks.

I know there are many software tools out there but these four FREE software tools I consider to be the best for basic scraping of websites, Facebook and Twitter data into Excel spreadsheets.

Let’s get started.

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